Preparation – Visa & IDP

Thailand Tourist Visa

Thailand allows Indian tourists get Visa on Arrival. The Process will take about 1hr and 2000 THB, you will be granted 15 days tourist visa. To obtain VOA you need to show hotel booking and 10000THB local currency.

Since I will land early morning, I didn’t want to wait in queue for Visa, and my friend Uday send news article stating Thailand Visa fee is exempted for tourists until February 28. Checked VFS-Thailand website, visa procedure was very simple. Decide to do it myself than catching an agent. Below are the lists of documents you will need.

  • 2 copies of filled visa Application form, there a 3 confusing section in the visa form
    • Proposed Address in Thailand- Write the address of the resort/hotel you will be staying
    • Name and Address of Local Guarantor- Name and address of person in India whom Thai officials can contact in case of emergency typically your parents.
    • Name and Address of Guarantor in Thailand- Again, if you know someone in Thailand fill their name, or Resort contact person name. I had filled my Airbnb accommodation contact person name and address
  • Original Bank statement for past six months with seal and sign from the bank. If your spouse is travelling with you and your passport doesn’t have spouse name, then you will have to write a letter stating that so and so is your spouse and you will be covering his/her expenses
  • Confirmed tickets in and out of Thailand
  • Confirmed accommodation details, I had 10 different places booked
  • A cover note for the list of places and persons staying in it. I did a MS word doc with one table consists of Traveller details and other one for places of stay.
  • 2 copies of Visa Checklist. check_list_for_tourist_and_transit_visa_110216


Above list is per traveler, I missed out taking the copy for my wife, I had to take  all the documents one more copy and submit.

Visited VFS-Thailand office on their working hours submitted the form, staffs were courteous helped me in correct mistakes in the form, paid the processing fee of 305Rs per visa since Visa fee is exempted. Have exact change with you, I had only 2000rs Currency Notes, had to go out and run in streets for about 15 min for change 😉

Finally, I got my stamped visa in 4 days.



International Driving Permit (IDP)

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is an identity document that allows the holder to drive a private motor vehicle in any country that recognizes IDPs, Though some countries allow you to drive with your Indian Driving license, it is safer to have IDP to avoid hassles.

Below are the lists of steps you have to do to get IDP from RTO

  1. Application Form-A of CMVR  available in the office/download from website
  2. IDP Fee of Rs. 1000/- against older fee of 500Rs
  3. Original Valid Driving License + Passport + Visa + Air Ticket ( with one set xerox copies)
  4. Medical Certificate in form-1 and form-1A of CMVR should be enclosed along with the application.
  5. Three recent passport size photographs.
  6. You have to go in person to RTO
  7. The address in the Driving licence should fall under the jurisdiction of the RTO/ARTO to where the application for IDP              is being made.
  8. If there is a mismatch in address in passport and your DL then you need to change the address in DL to match the address in Passport
  9. IDP issued by RTO is valid for 1 yr from the date of issue


I read in various forums that you can drive with your Indian DL in Thailand, I didn’t want to take chances so decided to get myself IDP from Puttur(KA21) RTO. I went to RTO office with all the necessary documents, paid 1000rs towards fees, and submitted the application form. RTO Inspector was on leave, I was not able to meet him. Clerk over there said it’ll be done in a week’s time.

Now the Drama starts, next week when I went there, IDP was not ready yet!! Reason Booklet is not available. I took clerks mobile number and he said it’ll be done in another week .Just  3 days before the travel clerk  says  since RTO didn’t meet you can you come and meet RTO,have made all the document ready only RTO sign is required and one extra photo is missing . It was impossible for me to travel to Puttur as I stay in Bengaluru, its overnight journey in bus. I asked him can anything else be done. Sir gives one 1000rs everything will be ready. I told him I ll not give even paisa and told I ll send my friend to talk to RTO

I asked my good friend Yenkay(Naveen) to check what’s the matter. He went there spoke to RTO inspector. Got the signature done without bribe to anyone and he got the IDP by evening, couriered it to me. Got the IDP next day to my office address

While applying IDP, make sure that you mention RTO what you will be driving/riding abroad. I failed to tell I will be riding in Thailand, was given only motor vehicle section signed and Motor bike section was not sealed. Technically getting IDP was waste for me.



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