Day 1, Bangkok-Part 1

First Airbnb Experience

For starters, Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service, which enables people to rent out extra bedroom in their house to travelers. They have their presence in almost all countries. I decided to try Airbnb as that meant we would get chance to interact with the locals.

After reading guest reviews, booked this place in Bangna area as it was closer to the bike rental agency. As we entered the house, we saw a messy hall with attached kitchen and lot of cats. First question in mind was whether I made a mistake by booking this place?

Our host Alex, handed out a print out which had all the important notes like nearby attractions, public transport details and said that his other house is under renovation, few stuffs from there,he had to move to this house. Hence its little messy here. He also said that there is one 7Eleven shop nearby, in case we need to buy any food items. Since we got only couple of hours of sleep in flight and it was only 6 in the morning we decided to sleep for some time before heading out. He showed us our rooms. It was a clean room with AC, a Mosquito net and a table fan. We were not wrong in booking this place after all. With a smile on our faces, we crashed on the cozy bed and had a nice sleep till 8.

Neat clean AC room, for 700 rs night

We got Bread Jam and Orange Juice from the 7Eleven shop for breakfast. We got ready by 10.30am and headed out to get our Bike from the rental agency.

Bike Renting Experience –Big Bike Rental Bangkok

We got into the cab and showed him the location in google maps. After getting down in some alley we got to know that we have ended up in a wrong location and the actual rental place is some 4 km from there. Again hired one more cab and reached the bike rental place.

Bernd, the owner was expecting us and he already kept the bike ready. We quickly went inside, signed the rental agreement and paid the rental amount plus advance. I was little short of Thai currency, to which again he was very courteous and agreed to take only 5k Baht as security deposit.

Ride for next 11 days

It was something like a dream comes true for me, like a guy who had waited for months to meet his girl finally met her. I had waited almost 10 months to ride this beautiful machine. I was super excited, but at the same time, nervous and tensed. The reason? You can call it the Bike being huge, with panniers even bulkier and me not having any prior experience of riding big bikes. The Biggest bike I rode till then was KTM 390!! And now I was supposed to be riding twin cylinder 500cc bike that too in a foreign country. A lot of things could go wrong!

I hopped on to the bike and did a small test ride. Bike was super smooth and power delivery was linear, no sudden rush of power. I felt as if I’m driving a car in two wheels 😉 This TD gave me a boost to confidence that I can manage the bike. After the customary photo shoot, we headed out to Central Plaza Mall


Central Plaza Bangna – window shopping 😉

Firstly, I had to unlearn squeezing the bike between the cars as there were 2 big panniers that would’ve definitely hit the car. After riding extra cautiously for about 7km, we reached Central Plaza. It’s a beautiful mall and was all decorated as it was the valentine month. As we entered the parking, the security asked us the CC of the bike. He said there is a separate Super Bike parking for bikes > 500cc and directed us towards it. We thought we have to pay extra for secure parking, but surprised to know that park is free 🙂

 Near Miss in Parking

As we were proceeding to the Super bike parking, there was a car, trying to park. As is my usual habit, I tried to squeeze between the cars and in the process almost brushed the bumper (Wife says I did brush the bumper, but I’m certain I didn’t ;))

I parked the bike between a Ducati and a BMW and asked wife to get down. I was not happy with the gap between the bikes, I decided to move the bike little ahead. Again I forgot the pannier and since wife was standing between the bikes, I almost sandwiched  her between pannier and BMW and in this saga I also managed to  brushed the mirror of Ducati as well. Got earful from wife for this stunt: P

Both the incidents made me extremely nervous and I told myself to be more attentive to the surroundings.

The Lunch

It was past 1pm when we entered the mall, and our tummies were talking to us as we had only bread in the morning. After seeing all the options we found only limited vegetarian food and ordered a veg pizza and coconut pulp based desert.


After lunch we roamed in the mall for some time, there was this beautiful rose garden setup inside mall with lots n lots of roses, clicked dozen of pics and head to shop riding gears for me



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