Riding gear shopping @320sp

Since I started using riding jacket daily for office commuting, I decided to buy another set exclusively for touring. On googling, I found a shop called 320sp with almost 90k likes in FB. After seeing the prices, I decided to check out the shop. It took me about 1.5hrs from central plaza even though the distance was just 30km since I was riding extra cautiously.

The shop was huge with variety of options like Alpinestar, Dainese, Scoyco and other brands, all priced at around 3k-4k baht, which is half the price when compared to India. After trying out various options I liked Komine as it had a very good chest protector and neck protector. I got riding pant and jacket for 5200 Baht as there was a 30% discount. Since pricing was so low, those might be first copy products, but I am happy with the purchase.


You can find variety of street foods in Bangkok. Saw this deliciously looking Banana barbeque with Jaggery sauce. Being one with a sweet tooth, I couldn’t resist to stop and taste. Paid 20 Baht for a plate. It was time to head back to our room as we had plans to visit a Buddha temple nearby.



Wat Thammamongkhon – a Buddha temple

Wat Thammamongkhon was a Buddha temple, very close to our room. Below is the excerpt taken from Wikipedia.

The temple has the tallest chedi of its kind in Thailand named Phra Wiriya Mongkhon Maha Chedi (พระวิริยะมงคลมหาเจดีย์). It is a square chedi built to the style of Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya, India. On the top is decorated with 17 kg of gold and 1,063 diamonds. It also houses large jade Buddha and Kuan Yin images.

It was “Magha puja”, an important Buddhist festival, hence there were lot of devotees and some special prayer proceedings were in progress. We went inside the tower which was  12 storied tall but couldn’t go to the top as it was late in the  evening. There were a variety of food stalls put up. Tried some “Deep Fried Ice-cream” in one of the food stalls.


On our way back we picked up some Mangoes, Pineapple and Longan from the local market.  One thing that I can’t resist is trying out various sweets and fruits 😉 We were back to our room by 8pm

Rod Fai Night Market

Since night was too young, asked Alex about any other attractions nearby. He suggested us to go to Rod Fai night market which was around 5km from our location and we decided to check it out. These night markets stay open only from Friday till Sunday. The market was huge. There were many small stalls put up on the pavement selling almost all possible items from foods, electronic stuff to clothes.


Better half immediately started entering almost all possible cloth shops, checking out tops for herself and for friends and family to gift. I am famous among friends for tasting weird stuffs, like I had tasted Yak milk tea in Ladakh 😉 I continued the legacy here too. As I was very thirsty, I saw something called iced Milk tea. I decided to give a try. And man was it a bad idea. It tasted like milk added to chilled green tea with some sort of chewy stuff. Tried very hard to finish half of it and dumped the remaining.

Like how bikes have reserve fuel, I think girls have reserve energy to shop for clothes!! I was dead tired after a long day and was trying to sit after walking every 10 steps. But she never showed any signs of tiredness and was pumping with excitement looking at variety of options and their prices. I was so worried as to how will we carry all these items on the bike. Important lesson we learnt was not to*carry much *clothes, rather buy some from these night markets. But again the size will be a problem if you are a hefty person yourself. After her buying few tops, we decided to eat something. Again we found very limited food options for vegetarians. We had some chocolate pastry and passionfruit smoothie and headed back to our room, finally calling it a day

Day 1 – Google Map Timeline, Which tracks your movement.

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